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Your Journey towards Mountains ---- Begins at Hotel Fairyland Abbottabad

You’re Escape to Fairyland Heavens of Pakistan Situated at the feet of Beasty mountainous valleys of Gilgit baltistans to the neighboring heavenly peaks of Muree, Hotel fairyland gives you the freedom to enjoy it all. Traveling towards or coming from the Exquisite and Angelic Northern region of Pakistan, your stay starts with us with a complementary tranquil mint drink with fresh dates.Located at the heart of Mountains, while placing you a world away in a tranquil retreat, our hotel fairyland at Abbottabad offers an exclusive, unmatched level of individualized service tailored to your whims and needs. Let time slip away in the perfect cool breezed that blew from the horizons of the misty mountains of the north, or thrill the adventure-seeker in you with hiking, trekking, Boat riding, and just wondering in the beautiful city at night, all arranged by your Personal Concierge.

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We take this opportunity to introduce you pleasant additions to hospitality where we welcome our distinguished Guest arrive from our native countryside as well as from all over the world. The purpose to seve this idea to provide an exclusive blend of services with a waste range of facilities to our worthly guests, with in very reasonable rates, that are generally provide by Five-Star Hotels.

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